Motion graphics & Event Design
Software: Touchdesigner & Adobe After Effects
Duration: 3 weeks

Footage by Eduardo Garcia

Create a complete visual package for one of the designers in Beyond Fashion 2023.
We met with our designer, Pat Pauly, at her studio in Rochester so our designs would mesh and highlight her outfits without overshadowing them. We talked about her process and ideas for this collection, before taking photos of her hand-dyed fabrics for inspiration.
To highlight the artist's work, I created a design to mimic the fabrics and added movement to bring them to life. I learned a new software, TouchDesigner, to create generative components and then brought it into AfterEffects to compile my final designs and add texture. All designs were created for two different-sized screens, one large rectangle, and one smaller square, that were used for the backdrop of the fashion runway.
Design 1

Morphing Grid made in After Effects

TouchDesigner Output

For this image, I started in After Effects and created a morphing grid that I used as input for my TouchDesigner network.
Design 2

TouchDesigner Output

I used a similar TouchDesigner network from the first design to create these shifting grids. I used After Effects to add texture and emulate some of the fabrics.
Design 3
Using TouchDesigner, I created this morphing circular pattern that represented one of the fabrics by Pat Pauly. This reused the cube grid from Design 2 for the sides of the large screen.
Event Photos:
We shifted the color of the design in Resolume to coordinate the images with the outfit of the models as they walked in front of the screen. We also used Resolume to fire off our designs on the large screens during the event.
Photos by Sam Su

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